Resolutions for 2017

For some reason I feel like saying y’all, though I don’t know if I’ve ever said it in my life. So hello, y’all!

I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, or at least, I don’t recall making them. I could very easily lose the piece of paper that they’re scribbled on in January, so instead I’m going to put them here. A few are applicable to this blog, after all. (Ignore the fact that it’s already the 4th. Time flies.)

I’ve divided my goals up into four sections–blogging, writing, reading, and life.


  • Post at least once a week, most weeks. (Preferably twice a week.) Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, but hopefully it won’t too much. I’ll be posting on Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Get some sort of camera to take nice photos for recipe posts. I want to post more recipes, buuut I also would prefer better quality photos. Which basically means I need to buy a camera.
  • Reach 50 followers. *crosses fingers*


  • Write a decent amount of poetry. I’m leaving the definition of “decent” up to future me. But yes, I’d like to write a decent amount of decent poetry.
  • Finish the first draft of a novel. I’ve never done this. And by “finish the first draft of a novel,” I mean the entire novel. Yikes, I’ve never written an ending… It can be Arevik Dragon Story (I reeaally need to rename that one), or a new project altogether.
  • Write some short stories. I know I’m going to do this, since I’m working on (correction: attempting to work on) some short stories at the moment. However, I’d like to write some other ones as well.
  • Win NaNoWriMo. I’ve done it two years in a row, so I want to keep my streak up!


  • Read The Lord of the Rings. Preferably the rest of the series, too. I’ve never read these, and I really want to.
  • Read something by Brandon Sanderson. He’s supposed to be a great author, and I can get his books from the library… so why not?
  • Read Les Miserables. I don’t really have any comments about this?


  • Interrupt people less. I don’t think they notice it as much as I do, and it’s unintentional, but I’d like to work on that.
  • Walk my dog more often, and on longer walks. Currently the person who walks her the most is my mom, and I could definitely chip in more.
  • Bake new things and experiment with recipes. I think I’ve been pretty successful in my baking so far, particularly in the pie department (is it weird that making cakes makes me nervous?) but I’d like to learn more and mess around with the rules a little.
  • And become more comfortable baking cakes. Maybe I’ll get this done? I mean, I can bake a cake, but I would like to know my way around one better.
  • Sew some more. I don’t know when I’ll do this, but I’d like to do it.
  • Knit socks. I don’t know why I want to do this, but I do. So I’ll try.
  • Improve homemade soaps. If I work on it, I wonder where I’ll be next year and what I’ll have made?
  • Try to journal. I’ve always wanted to keep a journal, and I love reading over my old ones (which only ever last a few pages, sadly) but I can’t seem to be friends with the one that I attempt at the time. I’m going to give it one more good try, and see if I can.
  • Walk 1000 miles on the treadmill. I just picked a large number, eep. I guess you’ll see how this goes, next year? I don’t know if I can do it, but I can try. It helps that my family has a treadmill.
  • Read the Bible more often. I read it occasionally, but I should read it more. I also want to learn more about Orthodox theology, since I’ve become more interested in it.

Do any of you guys have New Year’s Resolutions? Have any of you read or tried to read Les Miserables? What about Lord of the Rings? Do you ever actually complete your resolutions?


34 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2017

  1. Great resolutions! DON’T READ “Les Miserables.” (sorry for shouting *looks away embarrassed*). I tried – failed. I got through the first page I believe. I would suggest listening to the audiobook instead. As for “Lord of the Rings”, I read “The Hobbit” (that was really good and enjoyable), and I got a third way through the “Fellowship of the Ring”. I might listen to the audiobooks for the rest of the trilogy. So much walking. So much traveling.

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    1. Thanks!

      Ooh, the audiobook is a good idea. If it’s boring I can just pay attention to whatever else I’m doing while it’s playing… It’s the main resolution that I doubt I’ll achieve, because of the length and everything else, but I still want to try. It’s funny, though–everyone I know either loves or hates Les Mis.

      I’ve read The Hobbit, which I agree was really good. (There are some great quotes in there.) The rest of the books are heavier, though, right? I mean, both physically and writing-y-wise. And I’ve heard that they can be slow, like you said. Since I tend to read slower books, I’ll give it a whack and see if I can get through.

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    (I mean, if you read them, and don’t like them, that’s fine, but in general I think people like them.)

    I always want to say y’all when I’m writing to people, too, but I never say it in real life. Anyway, I’ve never tried to read Les Miserables, but after watching the musical I want to try at some point… I know someone who said it was really good. I have read The Lord of the Rings, since my dad told me I needed to read the books before watching the movies. The books are really interesting to read especially in comparison with the movies, but this is one of those rare cases where the movie is as good/even better than the books.

    Anyway, your resolutions sound great! I’d love to read some recipe posts and hear about your novels!


    1. OKAY I WILL
      (From what I can tell, people usually like them. Are there any that you’d recommend?)

      Right? Ah, I’ve never seen the musical, although I want to see the movie and listen to the Broadway Cast Recordings.

      I’ve seen the LotR movies, but it’s actually been a few years. (Somehow. Time flies…) I should probably re-watch those this year as well, because I remember really liking them.

      Thank you! I’ll keep those in mind for future posts.


      1. YAYYY
        (Well, I started off with the Mistborn trilogy, which is great. If you find, at the end of the first one, that you don’t really like it, it has a pretty good stopping point, but if you read the rest of the series there’s so many clues from the first book and it’s GREAT. But that’s if you want to start with his adult fantasy. If you’d rather start with the YA, I recommend either Steelheart or The Rithmatist. Oh, and if you want a shorter fantasy, he has a novella thing called The Emperor’s Soul which is really cool. I don’t know, just read everything he’s written! He’s great!)

        Yeah! I got to see it on Broadway, actually, which was awesome, since we went to NYC for choir tour last year. I didn’t like the movie that much, but I know a lot of people did, so… -shrugs-

        You shoulddd! Actually, I should too. They’re fantastic.

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      2. (Ah, okay. My brother actually owns Steelheart, so I think I’ll start with that. He’s never read it, I don’t know why, but anyways he’d probably let me borrow it. I’ll look for the first Mistborn book at the library, too! Haha, I feel that way about L. M. Montgomery. :P)

        OOH, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!! The people I know who’ve seen the movie are pretty evenly divided–about half love it, and about half either don’t care or really don’t like it.


      3. (Yay, read it! And then force your brother to read it too! 😉 )

        IT WAS! Yeah…I wouldn’t say I really don’t like it…I just dislike it, especially in comparison with the actual musical. All of my friends like it though, so…that could just be me.

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      4. (I did ask him why he hadn’t read it, and he just shrugged, so getting him to do so may take some effort. Hmm…)

        Were they very different or just a little different?


      5. (Well, after you finish reading it, I’m sure you’ll have more desire to convince him, hehehe. But it’s his loss if he doesn’t…you can just steal the book from him and keep it for yourself! 😛 Just kidding…mostly.)

        Well, I’m pretty sure the text and almost all of the music was the same…I think they added another song into the movie, but it was fine. It was mainly the acting that bothered me, and the singing voices weren’t as good as in the actual musical. So it’s accurate as the musical…I just didn’t like the portrayal of it much.


      6. (Hehe. I may have done that before with other books, though by accident… 😛 )

        Ah, that would make sense. *goes to Spotify to check whether I’ve saved the movie, musical, or both, since I can’t remember*


  3. Ack!!! All the flailing going on over here!!!

    You are going to read Lord of the Rings!!!!! My life is complete!!!! Also HOW HAVE YOU SURVIVED THIS LONG WITHOUT IT, OHMYGOODNESS????

    Also yes to Brandon Sanderson… I’ve never read anything by him either biut obviously I need to???

    Anyway. Fantastic resolutions and bets of luck keeping them!

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    1. I DON’T KNOW!! Although since I’ve seen the movies (I know I’m not supposed to do that first when it’s a book adaptation) and I’ve read The Hobbit, it’s sort of a semi-without it survival, rather than full on. But NOW I’ll finally read it. (Hopefully? This was also a resolution last year…)

      Yes you should! I really mainly know that he has fantastic worldbuilding, but that and all the recommendations make me really want to read one of his books!

      Thanks! And thanks.


      1. Okay, that is very understandable. Still. The book is essential to life and happiness so I definitely recommend you read it immediately if you wanting to go on living.

        ALSO LAST TIME I FORGOT TO MENTION LES MIS (my comments are always so gigantic I nearly always forget something I wanted to say and have to say “oh yeah I forgot to say…”). Ahem. So. Les Mis. I adore the story so much… definitely one of my favorites. But… *whispering* I’ve never read the real thing??? Clearly I am to despised by all true bookworms. I have read an abridged version (random note: ABRIDGMENTS ARE AN ABOMINATION THAT DESERVE TO BURN FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!) but cannot seem to find the unabridged version no matter how hard I look!! It is so frustrating (correction: I can’t find it at the library??? It is available at bookstores but I make a point of reading library copies before spending money on a book…). So anyway. That is my sad tale about Les Mis. However, the abridged version was actually very good *all the gasping* and I adore it and Eponine forever.

        This comment is disgustingly large.

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      2. I wrote a really long response to this but then forgot to post it, and a little later I powered my computer off… oops. *sighs*

        Abridgments of classics are sooo aggravating!!! Once I read David Copperfield, when I was about nine, and I was really proud that I had read a Dickens novel. About a month later, I glanced at the title page (it was a Puffin Classic, so I didn’t expect it) and it said “abridged.” I was a sad nine year old for quite a while…

        *needs to read Les Mis to clarify who Eponine is* *knows the basic plot, but can’t remember if Eponine is the daughter or someone else?* *also hopes you can find an unabridged Les Mis* *is using a lot of asterisks today*

        Shush, there’s no such thing as a disgustingly large comment. It’s “wonderfully large.”


      3. Saaaaaammee!!! I read the ENTIRE Les Mis one day when I was sick and was SO PROUD of myself. Until I saw that it was abridged. *distant wailing*

        Eponine is ONLY MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!! She is someones’s daughter, but probably not who you are thinking she is. She was played by Samantha Barks in the musical, if that helps.

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      4. *wails with you*

        Okay, so not Fantine’s daughter? (Fantine is the one whose daughter is in love with Marius, correct??) I haven’t seen the musical, but I’m going to try to see it soon.


  4. Ooh! These resolutions are amazing!! I’ve never read the entire Lord of The Rings series either, so I’m gonna hop into the band wagon and try to read them completely this year, as well!

    Also, I can knit, but have never knit socks??? I usually make really random creatures… I should try to make some socks, haha!

    And ooh!!! NaNoWriMo!!! I can’t believe April Camp is just four months away… EEK!! I’ve got a lot of prep I need to do before I can edit everlost.

    Like finish everlost….

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    1. You totally should!!

      I usually make dishcloths, because they’re pretty simple. I’ve made some bunnies, too. I have no clue if I CAN knit socks, but why not try?

      EEK IS RIGHT. I didn’t do the April Camp NaNo last year, but I’d like to this year if there’s time…

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      1. Ooh! That sounds amazing! I think I made a dishcloth once, but that was years and years and years ago, and it wasn’t very functional, haha!

        Oh, yes, definitely! I love to try new things, especially when it comes to crafty stuff. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

        OH OH!!! You most definitely should try it!!! I’m so excited for Camp! I’m going to be editing my current WIP. (Well, after I finish it, which I have been failing to do, so… [#fail]) But still! Camp is AWESOME! Last year I had a goal of 25k, and I ended up writing over 50k. It was great!

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      2. HOPEFULLY I CAN DO IT!! Trying new crafty things is always fun, albeit sometimes extremely confusing. (Though just as often, it’s way easier than expected, so it balances out. 😛 )

        If life is going as it seems to be, then Camp may be the first time I pick my manuscript up again… whoa. Now it seems so far from now…

        If I end up doing it (hopefully!!) then I’ll be editing too. (Haha, I haven’t finished mine, either. Remotely. But it’s super duper long for such a short period of time, and reeaally needs to be cut down some. Or a lot.)

        That’s fantastic!! I hope everything goes as great this year, too!

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      3. I have complete faith in you! Usually everything I think is going to be super easy turns out to be completely impossible… Or maybe that’s because I’m not a very patient person…

        I think that’s something I need to work on, haha!!!

        Ooh! That doesn’t sound too good! I’m rooting for you, though! You’ve got this!!! And Camp is super fun! I cannot wait!!!

        Aww!! Thank you so much! Hopefully it goes fantastically amazing for you as well! Perhaps we could join a cabin together! Like a big bloggy family cabin or something… That actually sounds really fun, haha!!

        Also, I can totally relate to the size thing… My stories tend to grow way out of proportion, and then I never finish them… Which is such a shame because OBVIOUSLY they are pieces of literary genius, and therefore must be completed. Here’s to finishing our masterpieces, eh?? *holds up goblet of pumpkin juice*

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      4. Ooh, I LOVE the idea of a bloggy cabin. We should definitely do that!

        *clinks your goblet with my goblet* Egsackly. I think I just murdered my writery soul by typing that… oops.

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  5. Also. I haven’t seen either movie version either. The new one is not family friendly so it’s kind of off limits till I move out I guess. I’ll have to check into the older version and see if it’s okay…


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