NaNoWriMo 2016 Weeks Three + Four

I’m aware that I should have posted one of these last week, and didn’t. Oops. I am also aware that THIS post is a day late. Double oops. But I was busy, what can I say?

Current stats:

Word count goal: 50,000
Total words written: 36,150
Words left: 13,850

I got rid of the writer’s block that I was struggling with by switching to a different word processor, and it helps so much. The screen is black and the text is green, and while that may sound weird, it’s way easier on the eyes for long-term writing than the stark whiteness of Google Docs. So yay.

Also, I’ve added sixteen absolutely unplanned new characters within the last two weeks. I MEAN, WHAT. EEP. I didn’t start with very many, and those that I had weren’t particularly thought out. The names of the new characters are probably really strange, since I just grabbed random fantasy-ish names out of my head and kept writing. They also all have a little post-it with random notes about them, and those post-its have saved my soul by helping me keep everything straight.

Also, does it make any sense that my more important characters have like three things on their post-its, and the minor characters have post-its crammed with words? No, no it doesn’t.

My MC may also be cardboard, which is not good. But I’ve been surviving.

I’ve been writing a lot lately, as you can probably tell. And without anything more than a vague, general plan, and some notes, I tend to do a lot of strange things, or have trouble with specific things, or just make mistakes in general.

First off, NEVER use the wrong initial if you’re like me and take notes on post-its while you write. I kept using “M” when I meant Rafiqa, not Morzanna, and needless to say, I was very confused when I actually needed that note and referred to it.

Secondly, I suck at three-way conversations. At least, when I’m not stopping to think. Maybe I’ll improve once NaNo is over and I can think the conversation over before I write it… we’ll see.

Also, a tip? Don’t have characters ask other characters questions that you don’t know the answer to, especially if the character being asked should know the answer. Without any idea about how the scheduling worked at the university, I had my MC ask a teacher how. For two minutes I was hitting myself on the forehead and thinking, “What have I done? What have I done?” but then I started writing. I figured out the schedule, of course, but it’s rather odd and probably doesn’t make sense.

I’ll also share a few weird sentences (as opposed to one) since I missed two weeks. Except they’re going to be from my notes, because those were more amusing this time around.

“Son of someone high in the university staff with powerful political pears.”

…and what exactly is a “political pear,” may I ask? A pear that wield powerful political power? That would make sense in the sentence, except that pears can’t wield political power, let alone any power. (At least, I would think…)

Also, some indecipherable notes:

“L ties reluctantly to mountain.”

Which L?? I don’t know when I wrote this, so I don’t know if Laskina or that random guard existed, yet. I think it’s Leovin, but I’m not sure…

“A invites L to C.”

“A” obviously means Amala. “L” is either Laskina or Leovin, no clue. And “C”? Does “C” stand for “capital,” “class,” (though that wouldn’t make sense anyway) or something else?

“Alternative BOOKEEPING”

I don’t even know. I’m pretty sure they were each part of a different note on the same post-it, but the text below both of those words was indecipherable, partially because I very messily crossed out something below that. (For the record, though, I’m usually an organized person. Even if my blog posts are sometimes rather rambly, like today.)

I haven’t written yet, today, and since it is still the morning, I am intending to get a lot done. Wish me luck! Does anyone else need post-its to survive but also get baffled by them? If you’re doing NaNo, how is it going? If you’re done, congratulations! If not yet, I believe in you. *passes around plate of political pears*


10 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016 Weeks Three + Four

  1. Ohmygoodness, this was so hilarious!

    Political pears??? *dies laughing*

    Bless those post-its!!!

    I am so glad that NaNo is going well, Kit!

    Keep writing yourself those notes! They definitely seem to be helping… 😉


    1. *revives Kate and showers with political pears* XD

      Thanks! They are helping, although sometimes life would be simpler if they always behaved, like proper post-its should.


  2. Wow, that sounds rather chaotic, hehe. And I love the political pears.

    Also, for the record, three-way conversations can be accomplished, but they’re not easy, Usually what happens when I write them is one person ends up having nothing to say it and ultimately is a two-way conversation even if there are three people there. Oops.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, but since I’ve organized my notes, I think I’ll manage a little easier. And I do too–thanks!

      That’s usually what happens to me, too… then I try to involve the person not involved, and so it either switches to ignoring Character A, or it seems like Character C is trying to butt in and join the conversation. *sighs*


  3. Oh my word, this is the best!!!!! I’ve never thought about using post its! Usually I just cram all my random notes into the inspector on scrivener, which helps, but then I always forget it’s there once I close the inspector out, haha!

    And political pears is PHENOMENAL! As a pear-writer myself, I feel like we should hold a pear party or something….

    Ugh! Three way convos are the WORST. I’ve got one character that I literally keep forgetting exists, so I’m going to have to write her into random scenes later… Heh heh… Oops.

    I hope she doesn’t murder me in my sleep….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t use Scrivener, but it sounds like a really good writing tool (considering the amount of people using it)! And yes, you should totally use post-its! The sticky backing is super convenient, but it does wear down after some five or so attachments, sadly. I like to pretend they don’t, but that doesn’t really fix things. If post-it notes stayed sticky forever, I would be ecstatic.

      Why thank you!! Hah, maybe someone should make a pear-themed writing tag or something. Pears seem to be popping up in writing in general a lot, and with good reason. They’re tasty. (Although I definitely prefer Bosc to any other type. Green/yellow/red/mix colored pears just don’t seem to be as good, and I don’t know why.)

      I totally know what you mean! Except, in my case, my characters take turns not existing. Grr…

      *sends you an army of political pears for protection when sleeping* There! Now you’re safe. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is! I’ve done more writing than I ever have before this year, and I believe that it’s mainly do to receiving Scrivener as a Christmas gift last year! (That or I’m finally trying to carve my way through the writing industry, but let’s just blame Scrivener…) Oh no! Well, nothing can stay sticky forever, I suppose…

        Except for gum…

        When it’s in your hair…

        But I really do think I’m going to start using post-it’s. That is such a brilliant idea, and I have no clue why I haven’t tried it before…

        Ooh! YES! A pear-themed writing tag would be SPLENDID! Now I really want one, haha! I actually haven’t had many pears, except for the ones that I try to get my cockatiel to eat (because apparently everything looks tastier when I’m eating it first??? [actually, he’s probably just waiting to see if I’m trying to poison him…]). They are actually rather good… It’s making me hungry, haha!

        Oh no!!!! Looks like we’ll both be doing some serious rewrites, haha! *high fives*

        Why, thank you! With my own political pear army, I shall CONQUER THE WORLD!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Or, you know, survive the night from character attacks…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Goodness, gum in hair would be AWFUL. Eep.

        Use post-its! Use post-its!! *tries to send a package of them virtually and fails*

        *cheers* I’ve never made a tag, but maybe I can influence someone else to. Or just eventually make it myself and see how it goes. Or you make it. Hmm…

        Hopefully your cockatiel doesn’t believe that, eep, haha! Although I totally know what you mean with pets wanting to eat what you’re eating.

        Oh, yeah. Surviving the night is always good. *makes sure that she is in a good defensive position against any political pears or characters, just in case…*

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I think I will! Now all I need is to try and find some…. Hmmm…

        Hahaha!!! That is the best cheer in the world!! Haha!

        Ooh… I’ve never made one either…. Uhhmmmmm… Maybe we should leave that to the more taggy people with experience, lol!

        Haha! I know, right? It’s like, “Oh, you’re eating something? Here, let me taste it for you…”

        Haha! Gotta watch out for those crazy characters and pears!

        Liked by 1 person

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