My Characters and NaNoWriMo

Hello, everyone! (I know it’s a Monday and that I’m supposed to post on only Tuesdays and Saturdays, but writing and posting this tomorrow wouldn’t work because it’s November first. Except that this is so late in the evening that it might act as if it was November first, I don’t know.)

Eeeep. It came so quickly…

I never did a post about what I’m using to get through NaNoWriMo, so I’m going to insert a little list here before I move on:

  1. A binder with character maps and rough notes (and lots of scribbles from when I was brainstorming)
  2. A piece of paper crumpled into a ball to remind me that I don’t have to write perfectly
  3. My glasses cleaning cloth and my cochlear implant battery chargers with extra batteries in them, just in case (that’s not really new, though. They’re always there.)
  4. Writing utensils/office supplies– I have fresh pencils that are sharpened and have almost unused erasers, along with two highlighters, a pen, and a pack of “fineliner Stabilo point 88” markers. (I’m not sure what to really call them, I’m just looking on the label.) Those markers will probably save my life during the upcoming month. I adore them. Oh, and we can’t forget the post-it notes!
  7. Any food in the house that is relatively healthy and easy to snack on.

I’m also going to answer the one question that I didn’t in the Beautiful Books tag, and then I’ll talk a little more about November.

Introduce us to each of your characters!

(All images are from Pinterest. I am aware that the clothes on each person are from multiple different cultures, but it’s mainly the face is applicable to each character.)

I’ll introduce you to five of my main ones, though there are others. (And not all of them are students at the university, just these ones that I happened to pick.)

Amala (in the top right corner): My MC. She wants to study the stars and sky, and has traveled from her village (Kala) to the capital to go to the university there. She is pulled into the rebellion pretty early on, wanting to reform the Ealdraed but not quite sure about how to do it.

Todor (in the top left corner): Another student who boards at the same place as Amala. She’s a little shy, but still pretty social, and really sweet. I haven’t quite figured out her views on the rebellion, but I think she’d be in favor of it. It also depends on where she grew up, but I’m not sure about that either.

Rafiqa (bottom right corner): Rafiqa is from Waltraud, a country to the north-west of Arevik. She grew up on the mountain range border, so in a mash of both cultures. Is happy with the current situation politically and opposes the idea of drastic change. Rafiqa is another boarder at the same place as Amala and Todor, and a student at the university. She’s very outgoing and determined. (Also, she’s an ESFP-A and the only person that I’ve taken the MBTI test for so far. Hopefully if I have time this month, I’ll do it for the rest.)

Morzanna (bottom left corner, on the left side of the image): Almost everything I can say about her is spoilers. Sooo, what the little that isn’t: She’s also a student at the university and in a relationship with Leovin, the other person in the picture.

Leovin (bottom left corner, on the right side of the image): A student at the university and a friend of Amala’s, since they have some of the same classes. He is wholeheartedly in favor of the uprising and was one of the people who first got Amala into it. I think he’s from the capital, but I don’t know for sure yet.

What did you think about my characters? (They’re not that developed, which is bad, but oh well.)

As for November, I mentioned in this post what my posting schedule will be– posting once a week, probably on Saturdays. Each post will just be a quick update on how NaNo is going, since I won’t have much time for anything else. They will include my total word count and some other progress details.

What with schoolwork and tech week for my play being in the last week of November, I’ve decided to shoot for only 30,000. If I have more time than expected, I might try and get higher, but that’s doubtful.

In that same blog post, I also mentioned that in October I wanted to worldbuild for 45 minutes every day. I reached that goal, but only because of one insane day when I was seven hours behind and did five of them. After that, I did 90 minutes every day. (At least, until I stopped and then had to quickly make up for it.) Since I used Pacemaker (which I highly recommend you look at) to track my progress, I’ll just show you, here:

Screenshot 2016-10-31 at 8.13.33 AM.png

(The two large dots are there because my mouse was hovering over them when I took the screenshot.) Above is my progress overall. It’s probably pretty easy to guess which day was the five-hour one, but particularly easy below… 😛

Screenshot 2016-10-31 at 8.13.46 AM.png

And ^that^ is my daily work, as the title says. I set it as a 45-minute goal each day for thirty days, rather than a 1,395 minute goal total (which equals 23 1/4 hours) so the above shows how well I did at steadily reaching that daily goal.

Not that well. The only times that I hit the goal exactly are the two little ones in the beginning.

Last November this happened as well– I started off steady, then quickly fell behind, and tried to make up for it by doing double every day. For the last week, I did 2,000 words per day rather than 1,000. I hope it isn’t a habit that will form, and that it won’t happen in this NaNo.

Goodbye, and see you on Saturday when I’ll update on my progress!


5 thoughts on “My Characters and NaNoWriMo

  1. Have I told you how excited I am about the Middle East inspired-ness because AAAAHH. And I love the pictures for your characters plus I’m really interested in how the rebellion and stuff will go and Morzanna and Leovin seem very cute! Crumpling a piece of paper into a ball is also a really good idea I should try ittt
    Anyway, awesome post! I hope I get to read your story. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I’m glad you’re excited! I hope my writing goes as smoothly I want it to, even if the rebellion might not be that way… (also now I’m having second thoughts about what I thought was a lovely albeit very loose plot outline, so eep what will I do about the endiiiiiing)

      I crumpled the piece of paper when I wanted to re-do something I was working on for prep, and I was too lazy to walk across my (very tiny) room to throw it away. I left it on my desk and then decided to keep it there. I guess it’s working because I’m not being my normal perfectionist self, but I guess it’s hard to do that during NaNo. 😛

      Thank you! And I’d love for you to beta-read it if you want, once I get this draft done and edit it to a non-awful stage!


      1. Bug spray is a good idea, I’ll definitely use that in the future when it’s not cooperating!

        *cheers* Okay, I’ll contact you somehow when I’m far enough along for betas.


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